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1392 West River Road

Waterloo, NY 13165


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9 am to 30 minutes

Before dusk

Board of Directors

Club Officers

Event Directors

Elected Board Members At Large

President: Ron Pesta

Vice President: Alan Roher

Treasurer: Becky Tonzi

Secretary: Tom Ellis

Fun Shoot: (Shoot is on Hiatus)

Indoor Silhouette: John O'Connor

Outdoor Silhouette: John O'Connor

Sporterifle: Paul & Renate Dewa

Bullseye: Tom Hodge

Veterans Air Rifle: Ron Pesta

Fast Action/Tactical: Art Pluretti

Ladies & Long Guns: Alan Roher

Action Shooting: Jeff Mooneyhan

IDPA: Neil Cassata

Firearms Education & Training Director: Al Roher

Dave Eannetta

Ron Brink

John Christensen

Mike Nash

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