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9 am to 30 minutes

Before dusk

Defensive Handgun

Match Director: Rick Olson 315-730-3359


Defensive Handgun is very similar to IDPA. Defensive Handgun uses relaxed IDPA rules to accommodate basic procedures and firearms training. Starting in Defensive Handgun is a great way to practice or prepare for IDPA. Matches will consist of 4 to 6 stages with shooting distances of 5 to 20 yards from the target. Stages are designed to have the shooter drawing from a holster using concealment such as an open jacket or vest. Matches are held on the fourth Sunday of the month. Please check the club calendar for the upcoming match dates and times.

Defensive Handgun is an all season sport. During the Spring, Summer and Fall Defensive Handgun is hosted outside at the pistol range where stage designs gets ramped up to incredibly creative, challenging and fun events. In the Winter months, when most shooting sports take a break, Defensive Handgun moves indoors where it creates a completely different set of fun challenges and stage development.


There will be a "Shooters Meeting" prior to each match and all shooters are REQUIRED to attend. The safety instructions and other information specific to the match will be discussed at the meeting. If you do not attend the shooters meeting, you cannot shoot the match. More information on rules and required equipment is available at the IDPA home page www.idpa.com.

Firearms and Equipment

A pistol caliber handgun, either semi-automatic or revolver (bullet velocities under 1,500 FPS), a holster which covers at least up to the ejection port or cylinder of the handgun, minimally 3 magazines or 4 speed loaders/moon clips, cover garment which can be a jacket or zippered sweater that will cover the firearm completely when worn, eye protection and hearing protection.

For a more complete listing of classifications, firearms and equipment rules please visit the IDPA website and view the rule book found here.

How to sign up for a match

WRPC utilizes Practiscore for its matches. Registration opens shortly after a match for the following month match. The Practiscore link to register for the match will be posted in the club calendar event for Defensive Handgun. “Walk-Ins” are welcome but we prefer registration through Practiscore so that match personnel can set up enough squads and have enough space for everyone to participate.

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