1392 West River Road

Waterloo, NY 13165


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9 am to 30 minutes

Before dusk


Match Director: Al Hermann 607-341-5338


Waterloo Rifle and Pistol Club belongs to the Finger Lakes Pistol League (FLPL) which is a postal league where individual scores are maintained in separate categories (one-hand, two-hand, etc.) for end of the season awards. All firing is from the standing position using one or two hands while engaging a target 50 feet away. WRPC Bullseye matches are held Thursday evening from October thru March. The NRA courses of fire are as follows:

Slow Fire – 10 rounds fired in 10 minutes

Timed Fire – 10 rounds fired in two 5-shot strings with 20 seconds for each string

Rapid Fire – 10 rounds fired in two 5-shot strings with 10 seconds for each string

Competing in a Rimfire Match for Bullseye consists of two courses each in the Slow, Timed and Rapid Fire series (60 rounds). Competing in the Centerfire Match for Bullseye consists of one Slow and two Timed fire series (30 rounds).

Please check the club calendar for the upcoming match dates and times.

Firearms and Equipment

A pistol caliber handgun, either semi-automatic or revolver (bullet velocities under 1,500 FPS) iron site or scope, eye protection and hearing protection.

How to sign up for a match

Easy, just come to the match. Stop down and see what it is about or bring a qualified firearm as stated above and give it a try.

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