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1392 West River Road

Waterloo, NY 13165


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9 am to 30 minutes

Before dusk

NYS Sporterifle

Match Director: Paul Dewa (585) 813-4128


NYS Sporterifle is a postal target competition using 22 cal. Rimfire rifles. The shooting position is off hand standing with the target at 50 feet. The sport is designed so that expensive special equipment is not required. It is possible to be competitive with equipment you may already own. Matches are held weekly throughout the season. A match consists of 3 completed targets with 10 shots per target. Shooters are given 10 minutes to complete each target. The target used is the NRA Official 50 ft. Light Rifle Target A-32. The maximum score per target is 100 with a perfect match score being 300. NYS Sporterifle is a postal league so teams shoot their weekly matches at Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club and compete with 50+ teams across the state. This is a great sport to get Junior Shooters involved in the shooting sports. Starting at age 12 young shooters can participate on the Junior team and compete against other juniors around the state. Sporterifle competes every Tuesday and Friday nights starting at 7pm from September to February. Visit for more information.

Please check the club calendar for the upcoming match dates and times.

Firearms and Equipment

A bolt action or semi-automatic .22LR caliber rifle. Iron sights or scope with a total rifle and optic weight being less than 7 ½ pounds. 30 rounds of ammunition per match and a few rounds extra if you want to practice before the match starts. If you are a junior shooter who wants to participate but does not have the equipment, the club will provide the rifle and ammunition for you free of cost.

How to sign up for a match

Easy, just come to the match. Stop down and see what it is about or bring a qualified firearm as stated above and give it a try.

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