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1392 West River Road

Waterloo, NY 13165


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9 am to 30 minutes

Before dusk

Fast Action / Tactical

Match Director: Art Pluretti


Fast Action/Tactical is designed more for speed shooting and open to members and the public.  Course of fire consists of three shooting stations.  At the first station shooters will have 24 rounds to knock down twelve 8” steel plates up to 20 yards away.  At the second station shooters will have 24 rounds to knock down twelve various steel plates including bottles, bowling pins and other shapes.  At the final station shooters will find a varying tactical shooting layout with moving targets that changes each month.  Shooters compete against each other in varying classifications based on the firearm type (Optic Rimfire Pistol, Open Centerfire Handun, Rimfire Carbine, etc.).  This activity helps you gain proficiency with whatever firearm you bring and have fun doing it.  Matches are held on the first Saturday of the month, May thru November.  Please check the club calendar for the upcoming match dates and times.

Firearms and Equipment

All firearm bullet velocities must be under 1,500 fps.

Rimfire or Centerfire pistols (semi-automatic or revolver) with or without optics, Rimfire or Centerfire carbines (semi-automatic or lever action) with or without optics.  Centerfire carbines must be pistol caliber carbines.  At least 100 rounds of ammunition, two magazines or speedloaders/moonclips.  Lever Action guns only utilize the under barrel magazine there is no reload during the course of fire.

How to sign up for a match

Easy, just come to the match. Stop down and see what it is about or bring a qualified firearm as stated above and give it a try.

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